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Sharon Blain


Art Director/Hair Stylist- Sharon Blain

Photographer- Milosmlynarik

Hair Assistants- Pvhairmakeup, Kerry Arvidson, Sophlee2333

Makeup- Chereine Waddell

Stylists- Ambersmovingimage, Madelaine Caldwell

Headpieces- Stephanie Browne

Fen Hong Se Magazine Editrorial

Designer: Breeanna Maree

Photographer: Ashley Morris

HMUA: Jade Buchan

Model: Brianna Kelly


Toni and Guy 

Hair Expo Finalist 2018

Designer: Breeanna Maree

Photographer: Anniss + Barton

Hair: Morgan Richards (TONI & GUY)

Make-up: Charlotteravetmakeup

Model: Taylor-Maree Fraser



Ewards and Co

Hair Expo Finalist 2018, 

Designer: Breeanna Maree

Photographer: Henrykphoto

Hair: Morgan Edwards and Co Team

Models: Chic Management 



L' affaire Magazine

Published Print Magazine Spread

Designer: Breeanna Maree

Photographer: Jolanta Morgan

Hair/makeup: KB Makeup Artistry

Models: Viviens Model Management




When Breeanna and Matthew first met in

2015, it became very obvious, very quickly, that their bond was a special one.

"I first met my now husband at a bar and made the first move asking 'I think

I've seen you before - and we have since been inseparable. Breeanna says

"The first attraction was now handsome my husband is .. I could resist approaching, she laughs.

"But straight away we knew we shared an attraction for the friendly and positive energy we share but also the love and compassion that

surrounds our lives.

"We love exploring and adventuring with lots of beach days and camping trips along with stopping for every food option we find!"

In the mist of being completely distracted by a very busy few months, Breeanna was completely surprised when Matthew proposed. "My amazing husband planned a retreat to the bubble tents Australia' experience for an off-the-grid get away," she says.

"After an amazing day of exploration we rushed up to watch the sunset by the fire when turned to see him on one knee".

"The rest is a blur - we watched the stars and held the moment to ourselves until the following evening- A perfect moment!"

The pair had an intimate wedding at Vaucluse House.

The proposal took place in late June and the wedding was then planned for the following April.

When it came to choosing the venue, the pair stumbled across Vaucluse house

Gardens while searching and knew it was perfect.

"We actually walked through the gardens earlier in our relationship on one of our adventure days and fell in love with its overall beauty and location," she says.

Then all that was left was to get married.

"After all the usual pampering process and morning busyness, it was off to the gardens for a 3pm ceremony," she says.

"As we started the 15-minute journey, the rain started to come down. "I was never too worried as we had an equally as stunning 'wet-weather plan ... luckily the rain blew away just in time."

She says the ceremony was perfect, and their highlight was by all accounts the reception dance floor. "I literally had bruises all over and couldn't feel my legs," she laughs.

"We had Polaroid cameras capture the candid moments which meant we could wake up and see straight away some pictures.

"What an evening!

"We had a smaller wedding with 68 guests which was perfect.

"We really wanted to celebrate with family and close friends to be able to really hangout with everyone."

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